Ask a person what is their most impossible yet desired wish?... Well, even I kept one... okay, maybe ten or more.. hehe.. wish to become a queen, to have superpowers... okay those are only child-influencing wish... they just fill in the blanks though...The thing is... I really really reeeeaaaaallly wanna have the kind of attention where people would give to a guy, but not to a lady... I wish I'm a male....

Look at the situation...
 A boy fart in front of his members.. they would laugh the fart out and treat it as a joke... girls?..

lebih kurang laa..


A boy could just take off his shirt and pants with only shorts on.. girls?..
untongla aurat sng nk jge.. takat lutot je
sebab xde yg brani.. sume lari..

A boy could go out till night.. (don't know 'bout you girls, its forbidden for me).... 

A boy could throw a belch in front of everyone.. (well... a proper girl wouldn't do that)
perkare biase
tak sopan tau tak

A boy with a scar is manly, a girl with rough hands is a joke (I'd experienced the insult)
macho kot?


Unmarried man is common, unmarried woman is an issue


Being raised as a girl by such conservative plus protective parents (love mom n dad) sometimes disturb me... You see.. its a good thing that they really look over you but as a child ( and an adolescence, currently) you might crave for some freedom and trust don't you?...

I have never (till now) have a slumber party (or to attend one) and that include to sleep overnight over my girlfriends' place... because its too dangerous for a girl... (i have to agree.. we'd been showered by many rape and other sexual cases)... just imagine.. if i'm a boy.. i could just go over my friend's place, knock the door and spit "bro can i join you tonight? i'm bored"... God! i wanna do it..

Major part of the word called freedom belongs to the guys... A girl like me..(maybe a lady, is more proper i'm not that young anymore) is tied with the word 'manners'..

If only... only if.. i'm a boy.. i won't miss the chance and opportunity to go out there to shine... i'll take them all... face the challenges like a true man, Rasulullah did...

p/s : Nevertheless.. I indeed being grateful to be born as a girl.. Thank You Allah..
        tak bermaksud nak mempertikaikan ciptaan Allah pon... cme.. teringin

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