First Situation Observed :

           A little boy lived alone in a big house on hillside with his parents workin' all day long. He didn't have friends or neighbour to talk to. Of course no one wanna live at a place where tigers matin' and bears purgin' dude.But this little fella do.  

Second Situation Observed :

         There's this cute little girl who doesn't talk much as if she's holdin' somethin' in her mouth. It might be gold or ougoun coz she hardly open her mouth. Dats explain her limousine she's been drivin' to school. Now where did she get her license from?

The question is What will happen when there's no interaction with human beings?

  1. they end up crazy and madly insane.......hurmm well don't think so.....
  2. several attempt to commit suicide.......several? they should put more effort on it.....
  3.  pretended to be somethin' else like a is dat so? teach me some other time ok?....
  4.  permanently mute.......well dats one logical answer but we have to remove their voice box a.k.a larynx first right?
That's it.....That's it....Yeah that's it.....dat must be the muz be : Imaginary friend 
The only way to survive diz ridiculous, mad, selfish, evil, is to have a friend....perhaps a imaginary one....Even I owned one (Okay maybe not one...I enjoy group play)

Advantage (to have imaginary fren) :

  • They're everythin' U want them to be.......seriously I once have this imaginary fren whom resemble Justin Gaston so much....woahh(scream with excitement) i think im goin' to contact him later...
  • They'll agree with anythin' U do.......believe me U won't hear they complain 'bout Ur haircut, Ur appetite or Ur weight gain....If they do..come and see me..
  • They're not hypocrite......with those innocent looks how can they betray U? it ridiculous...
  • OOOkkk .....enough with three example will ya?
 Disadvantage on havin' one:
  • There's no such thing folks....

The only thing dat shows bad side of havin' "these" guys as Ur fren iz when we grow older, they would disappear all of sudden. (Isn't it kinda creepy?) They muz hav practice some sort of magic trick. im 100% sure of it. I won't believe my mom. How dare she said my frens have never existed and it was all my mind-made. If they're mind-made I wouldn't ask them to do my math homework..... duhh.......

 Nevertheless. I can't deny dat they're my imagination. Yeah I speak as a teenager myself. Anyway, Anyhow..........I enjoyed those days with them.....To me they're not juz some mere frens to fill my leisure but more like a understandin' one to be precise

P/S : I always enjoy our adventures my frens 

Owh by the way....... I still enjoy our games..xoxoxo




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